Balcony Cleaning Floor Service

Balcony Floor Cleaning Service

Our Equipment will Power Wash and Vacuum up the Solution and Water immediately, eliminating water runoff from your Balcony or Patio to the Street, Sidewalks, or your neighbors Balcony or Patio.

If you live in an Apartment Complex, Condo Building or a High Rise Living Facility especially Downtown San Diego, you probably have Regulations that does not allow its Tenants, Home Owners, or Occupants to use a hose and spray and rinse off the Balcony or Patio as the water will run down to the Neighbors.  That does make it difficult to clean and maintain your own Balcony or Patio Floor Surface.  CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning Service can help clean a dirty Balcony or Patio without the worry of the water runoff with our Equipment.  Our Cleaning Solution will Emulsify that ground in dirt, dust, Fuel dust from Cars and Planes, and bring back an enjoyable Balcony and Patio for you to enjoy.

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning also has some great Cleaning Solution and products for those that have dogs or cats that go out on the balcony to to help Sanitize the Balcony Floor Surface.  We Service most of San Diego so its no problem for CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning to clean your Downtown High Rise Home.  Call CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning for your Downtown Balcony Cleaning Service.

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning offers an array of Services for our Customers Home, Apartment, Condo, or Offices besides Balcony Cleaning.  Some Customers combine our Services at the same appointment just by making one call to us 619-885-1021.  When you want Balcony Cleaning, you can add Carpet Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning or Tile & Grout Cleaning.  We offer discounts on added Services to make your Cleaning Appointment affordable for a cleaner Healthier Home Environment for you and your Family.

Balcony and Or Patio Floor Cleaning The Easy Way - 619-885-1021

Its easy to get your Balcony or Patio Hard Surface Floor Cleaned with CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning.  Call 619-885-1021, Get a Quote, Set up your Appointment, and then CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning will employ the Professional Cleaning Procedure to make your Balcony and Patio, sanitized, clean and refreshed.  Where ever your Balcony or Patio is located, CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning, Balcony Cleaning local Area probably has it covered.

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning has over 34 years Serving San Diego and Local Nearby Areas.  We will use proper cleaning solutions for your Balcony or Patio floor and then with our powerful cleaning equipment we will remove the dirt, etc and it goes directly from your floor to our holding tank. 

If you want a clean Balcony or Patio all you have to do is call CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning, Get a Quote, Set up an appointment to have it done the easy way with CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning doing all the work.

CJ Frank Balcony Floor Cleaning San Diego - 619-885-1021

Balcony Floor Cleaning - Patio Floor Cleaning


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