Our service is unmatched by anyone in the business. We work hard to make sure you are thrilled with the high level of service that we are known for. You receive the same quality service whether your project is big or small. Call us for your quote. We our Friendly.


Carpet Cleaning

Our steam carpet cleaning service is a very deep clean. It will get dirt and bacteria out from under your carpet as well as on the surface. Pet stains are removed making your carpet sanitary for your family. Bring that new look and smell back to those older carpets with our cleaning service.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning services are not only effective but also safe for your furniture. Our process cleans the deepest stains without damaging furniture. Extend the life of your furniture making it safe and sanitary for your family and pets. Clean upholstery helps those with allergies by removing pollen and other pollutants that may exasperate reactions. Our process, depending on type of Fabric and degree of soil helps your Furniture Dry quickly.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning can clean your Tile & Grout. We use a three stage cleaning process to make your Tile look great and Special Attention is used to Deep Clean and Detail your Grout lines to make them stand out again.

First we apply the proper cleaning agent that best works for your Tile or Stone, we then disburse it evenly in small areas directly on your floor by brushing it on to your Tile.  Then the cleaning agent starts to emulsify the dirt deep into the pours of your tile and grout so the dirt can be easily removed.

Secondly, we then brush all the Grout lines with a Grout Cleaning Brush that further remove dirt build up.

The Third Stage of our cleaning procedure is using our state of the art equipment, we rinse the floor using pressure to release the dirt from the tile and the grout lines, at the same time we use powerful suction to pick up the cleaning solution along with the dirt and debri from your floor.

CJ Frank Carpet Cleaning can also seal your floor to help preserve the clean look and to give your floor a little extra protection.


Tile Cleaning And Seal

Mopping will never reach the deep pores in your grout. Over time your grout becomes dirty, dingy, and even contains allergens. Our proprietary method cleans out the tile grout and even removes the hidden dirt out from deep in the pores. Our sealing process helps the grout keep clean with regular mopping. Your tile floors can regain their fresh and new look again.

Pet Stain Removal

We love our pets, but our pets don't care about the condition of our carpet and furniture. Our service specializes in removing pet stains. We can find problematic areas using black light and other sensors. From there we do a deep cleaning treatment on those areas using our unique chemical process.

Pet urine is especially problematic. If not treated, the smell will travel throughout your home. Our pet urine remover removes the urine smell from your carpet or furniture. It also removes the attraction so that the pet does not return to the same spot due to the odor.

Balcony Floor Surface Cleaning

We can clean your Balcony Floor Surface and or Patio Floor Surface.  Our equipment captures the water direct into our machine.  This is perfect if you live in a High Rise building like Downtown San Diego or an Apartment Complex where rules apply so that there is no water run off.

Call us to get a quote and your Balcony and or Patio will look great again.

Find out how affordable it is to get your Patio or Balcony cleaned.

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