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If you have Carpet, Sooner or Later it will need to be Cleaned and Refreshed.  You may want to know how soon should you clean new carpet, How often should you have your carpet cleaned. Also, you may want to know if you should have some type of carpet protector applied after cleaning your carpet.  And, what should I do to keep it maintained.  Of course you may have some other questions that concern you about cleaning carpet and cleaners used in the application of Carpet cleaning.

After a while your carpet may not like as bright as it once was.  With all the foot traffic carpet takes and with all the debri that is brought in from the outside from shoes or no shoes it does get deep into the carpet. Along with Dust and Debri in the Air this can harm the life of carpet if not removed timely.  Each home has different set of circumstances that can get carpet dingy and dirtier more often.  More People in the household, pets, children and a whole set of other things that can quickly change the appearance of your carpet. 

Depending on the situation in each home, Carpet Protector may be more advantageous for some household and may not be a big need in other households.  One thing for Sure a good maintenance plan should be considered for the longevity of your investment of the carpet.  An important Maintenace for all carpet is good and regular vacuuming.

Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered

If you have any Carpet Cleaning Questions that you would like answered, we want you to call us at 619-885-1021 and we will do our best in giving an answer and the best advice.  So many questions and decision in making the right choice for your Carpet, we will try to make it simple for you and your choice.  

And if you have questions about Tile and Grout Cleaning or Sofa or Upholstery Cleaning, we will help you with that too.

Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered


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